Search Engine Optimization

Google doesn’t need you but you need Google

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is something your business needs to start investing in right now. Online search is the main source of information for most customers. SEO will allow your business to pull away from your competitors just like the early adopters are pulling away from businesses who have shunned spending on SEO campaigns. Here at Blue Silo, we have SEO packages to suit every business. Our proprietary tracking system ensures that your business gets noticed by Google and subsequently your potential customers.

Blue Silo Ad Marketing SEM

Search Engine Marketing

Placing effective ads on Google

Placing advertisements on Google search results is an extremely effective method of getting your product out to the people who are looking for it. An effective Search Engine Marketing (SEM) campaign should have specific keywords which will result in a targeted audience for your advertisements. It is all about getting your product out to the right people, at the right time, at the right cost. At Blue Silo we have helped many clients run successful SEM campaigns. Looking to multiply your business earnings? Let us hold an effective SEM campaign for you.

Social Media Marketing

A must for all businesses

Social Media Marketing is critical in today’s digital age. When many people of all ages are hooked on their Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, you want to get your business to show up on their social media feed. Blue Silo works with our clients to get their product to the right demographics. We help create beautiful advertisements which result in effective results for our clients.

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SMS Marketing

Still one of the best ways to reach out to potential clients

SMS marketing is one of the few methods of traditional marketing which is still effective. Our clients can choose to subscribe to our SMS system and do the sending by themselves or we can assist to send the SMS at scheduled timings in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) for the client. Our SMS credits are one of the lowest in the market and sent reports are generated for every SMS sent. You can chose to send to your existing clients or you can reach out to Blue Silo’s database of over 2 million clients.

Email Campaign

Create beautiful and effective emails

Emails campaigns are a fast and effective method to keep in touch with everyone on your mailing list. We will help your business grow your mailing list, maintain it and use it to generate sales. Many businesses know that email campaigns and digital newsletters are important in keeping in contact with potential clients. However, not many can perfectly execute this to increase revenue for their business.

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