Learn to master the internet

The internet has overtaken traditional media, are you being left behind?

Basic Coding

Learn the ABCs of the internet

This is where it all starts. Coding is essential for most of the things written on the web. If you are keen to learn how to write your own programs, slightly more complex websites or to develop your own apps, this is a course for you. 

Social Media Skills

How to become a social media expert

Why is it that some people can make heaps of money selling stuff of the internet? Social media marketing is at the forefront of their success. Learn how to be a master of this amazing platform that has no boundaries. The entire world is your market.

Basic Web Design

We will guide you from start to finish

Building a basic website is not difficult once you get the hang of it. At Blue Silo Academy we will teach you how to register your domain, set up your hosting and build a beautiful functional website. You will even get to learn how to set up a secure e-commerce site for your business. 

You and your business, at the top of the world

Be a market leader in your field.
Conquer the world with the right skills.

Sign up for our classes now. Our classes are conducted via webinars or in classrooms located in the central part of Singapore. 

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